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Frequently Asked Questions

Can smart home technology be retrofitted?

There are lots of wireless options that allow you to enjoy a smart home without rewiring your house.

How much does it cost?

The best approach is to allocate a budget, dream big and then prioritise if the budget does not equal the dream. If budget is limited, consider getting a wiring design done for your whole scope, and this will enable you to extend the system when budget allows.  One general rule of thumb is to  budget for a smart home, roughly the same amount as you would spend on a kitchen.

How can a smart home save me money?

Efficiency is the key to a well-implemented Smart Home. Fortunately, efficiency also leads to cost savings. Imagine being able to charge your electric car only when the sun is shining on your solar panels. Or turn the heating down automatically when you go out, or putting all the lights off when you leave the house. By automating these everyday tasks, the smart home saves you money. If you’re undertaking a major renovation or new build, you will find your smart home can do many things you would have needed extra devices for. Heating controls, burglar alarms, and even music systems are just some of the items you won`t need to buy separately.

When is the best time to upgrade to a smart home?

If you’re planning a major renovation – take advantage of the disruption to install the enabling technology for a smart home. If you`re building, you have the ideal opportunity to plan smart technology in from scratch. If neither of these applies, there are still ways to create a smart home without major disruption, but you will find some functions, such as mood lighting or zoning your heating, may cost a little more to achieve.

Why would i want a smart home?

Technology has moved on a great deal recently, and most people are noticing that their homes haven`t kept up. If you were buying a house today, you would check that fast internet access was available. So how long will it be before buyers ask if a house is already “Smart”. Aside from the added value, your time is precious – what could you do with the time you save by having hundreds of little tasks taken care of automatically?

Can you just install new heating controls?

Absolutely. You can have as much or as little of your home services connected to your smart home system. Once you have the brains of the system installed you can develop other areas as when you are ready.

I just need some CCTV, do you do that?

Certainly, just contact us with your details of your project and we will provide you with a quote.

Can you solve my wi-fi problems?

Yes. There are excellent Wi-Fi solutions now so nobody needs to be crouching on the corner of the stairs just to get a signal. We can also help with outdoor Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi in public spaces, and secure networks for all purposes.

I have period property – is a smart home possible?

Yes. We have experience working in listed buildings and within the Edinburgh World Heritage site, so this need not be a barrier. Careful consideration of appearance, use of wireless technology, and the extent of any other work being carried out on the property, will lead to the best solution.

There are so many smart home products for sale, how do i know which are any good?

We can put you in touch with satisfied customers who have experienced our products and services. Experience shows that success is often as much about the installation as it is about the product itself, but we know that reliability rules, and we know how to achieve it.

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